Features of The Fund

The TNFF is unique from other existing Funds in the market because of the following features:


TNFF is a new and unique concept. Most of the existing Funds are either Equity or Money Market or Bond or Real Estate Fund. Football Fund does not exist anywhere in Africa, TNFF is a developmental Fund and a national project that is distinct and novel. The Fund is completely a blue ocean strategy.


The Fund is committed to building a “Football Economy” within the Nigeria sports ecosystem. A Football Economy consists of football and other sporting activities measurable in statistical terms as a significant component of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product. Other sporting activities include Basketball, Boxing, Athletics, Table/Lawn Tennis, Golf, Polo, Cricket, etc.


Football and other sports in Nigeria are faced with challenges like inadequate funding, poor infrastructure, weak and late event management, amongst others. The TNFF initiative seeks to provide liquidity support to football and other sporting projects targeted at the growth and development of the football economy and its value chain.


TNFF is a national project that seeks to address the various challenges in the sports ecosystem, build a strong and sustainable football/sports economy by delivering efficiency in the funding management and administration.


TNFF is a project that will help transform football from socio-political tools to a profitable business enterprise and by extension, a national asset, help in transforming Nigerian Football Clubs to a profitable business enterprise, with the multiplier effects that will drive a cycle of growth across several other sectors, and further support the government’s drive for revenue diversification.


Here, passion for sports/football is rewarded with financial returns, as sporting/football fans become football investors and become financially rewarded for it.


Also, since Investment by corporate in TNFF is an investment in the development of football in Nigeria, such investment will help in championing CSR in Football. Many corporates incur yearly expenditure on sponsorships, which are usually written off to their statement of profit or loss. TNFF provides an opportunity to capitalize such “donations” made to develop football infrastructures, thereby assisting in restructuring the balance sheet through reclassification of “donations to football” to “Investment in football”.